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14-Inch Dual Tone

Use headphones for the best audio quality.

14-Inch 16-Note Dual Tone

Tunable Pure Tones

The Dual Tone Idiopan is a 14" tunable steel tongue drum, designed with eight sets of tongues, tuned to the E Major Pentatonic scale (B2/B3; E3/E4; F#3/F#4; G#3/G#4; B3/4; C#4/C#5; E3/E4; F#4/F#5). It can also be tuned to the E Minor Pentatonic Scale (B2/B3; E3/E4; G3/G4; A3/A4; B3/B4; D4/D5; E4/E5; G4/G5). Each set of tongues are tuned to octaves and single tongues can be activated by lightly touching the octave you want to mute with your finger. The Dual Tone can be played solo or harmoniously with other instruments, filling the room with rich, pure tones.

Relax, Transcend, Express

Many Moods, Many Scales

Idiopan steel tongue drums can be tuned to suit your mood. Relax and meditate to the soothing tones in A=432 Hz or energize yourself with the uplifting sounds of bright and colorful major scales in A=440 Hz. All tongues can be tuned to multiple pitches, and with our advanced magnet pack, you can easily tune your Idiopan steel tongue drum to 100's of scales. A little pull or push and a electronic chromatic tuner is all it takes, no tools necessary.

High Quality Craftsmanship

Crafted in the USA with American Steel

All Idiopan tunable steel tongue drums are proudly crafted in the USA with American steel. The maintenance free powder coated finish provides a beautiful easy to clean appearance.